Friday Features #33

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features, a roundup of links for writers. Enjoy going through this week's gems, and please consider sharing if you found the list helpful. Thanks!


Frazzled? Frustrated? Going Mental? 6 Ways to Beat the Breakdown | Anne R. Allen's Blog

Writing During the Holidays—Tips | Mystery Writing is Murder

Success in 90-Minute Increments | Rachelle Gardner

Quality Writing Projects Require Safe Places—And Here Are Five | Jane Friedman

Creativity | GENREALITY

How to Know It's Time to Shelve Your Novel } Writability

5 Ways Writers Can Cure Where-do-I-begin-itis | Write It Sideways

Knitting a Book is Like Writing a Sweater | QueryTracker Blog

6 Moneysaving Tips for Writers | Krissy Media Ink

Who are you writing for? | YA INDIE

Tax Deductions for Authors--Updated | AuthorCulture

12 Perfect Gifts for Writers in 2012 — Fiction Notes

10 Steps I Take to Begin Every Weekend | Goins, Writer

Pack Your Bags, We’re Going on a Guilt Trip « Kristen Lamb's Blog

NaNoNowWHAT? Small Steps for BIG Change « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Writers Working from Home: How to Easily Improve Your Focus and Increase Your Productivity | Nick Daws' Writing Blog

Achieve Your Writing Dreams: Sound Appealing? | Procrastinating Writers

7 Things to Do When NaNoWriMo Is Over | The Write Practice

Tempted to Give up on Your Story? Don’t! | Wordplay

How to Make NaNoWriMo Especially Difficult | Writability

How (Not) to Finish Writing a First Draft | Writability


Tools to use to Recreate the Past: Annie Fuller’s Boarding House |

Writing Tips & Inspiration

Three Big Takeaways from the My Book Therapy Storycrafters Retreat: Guest Post by Lindsay Harrel | The Writers Alley

Physical Attributes Entry: Ears | The Bookshelf Muse

If you hate writing a character… don’t write them « Nail Your Novel

ROW80 Check-In 8: 5 Writing Tips from Laini Taylor « EM Castellan

How to Start Your Novel: What The Movie TRUE LIES Taught Me | Writer Unboxed

New: Two Affordable Story Coaching Options… That Can Put Your Story Over the Top | Storyfix

Adapting Story Structure for Any Project | The Bookshelf Muse

The Ten Commandments of Choosing the Right Book Title [Guest Post] — Self Publishing Team

Knowledge Is Power But Story Is King | Moody Writing

Rounding Out Your Characters | GENREALITY

Starting Your Writing Journey: Two Easy Ways to Get Inspired — Aliventures

A Method Through the Madness: 5 Tips for Writing Scenes | Author, Jody Hedlund

When A Scene Isn’t Working | Moody Writing

8 Unstoppable Rules For Writing Killer Short Stories |

Writing a Strong Opening Chapter | The Writers Alley

Using Book Structure to Create Compelling Stories--Guest Post by Terry Ambrose | Mystery Writing is Murder

Writing The First Draft Of A Novel Using Questions And Modelling | The Creative Penn

Guest Author C.J. Redwine: How to Escalate Conflict in Your Novel | The Other Side of the Story


Writing Wednesday: How to Find Critique Partners | Beth Revis

Author Platform

Author Blogging 101: Top 10 Tasks to Get Your Blog Ready for Prime Time — The Book Designer

9 Ways to Improve the Impact of Your Email – The Works | Chris Brogan

Making Twitter more manageable with Twitter Lists | 30 Day Books

10 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog | Jane Friedman

Twitter for Authors: Is It Necessary? And, What We Saw Update • Ryan Casey

10 Year-End Indie Author Blog Post Ideas | 10 Year-End Indie Author Blog Post Ideas

Book Marketing

Hashtags to Connect With Readers — Fiction Notes

Forget Facebook. GoodReads Is The Best Social Network for Indie Authors | The Alliance of Independent Authors

Do free books help sell books? | YA INDIE

How to pitch radio and become a talk show guest | Build Book Buzz

Did you proofread your book’s marketing and promotion materials? | Build Book Buzz

A New (Free) Way to Sell Books from your Sidebar by Claire Ryan — The Book Designer

Publishing News & Tips

Are You Ready for the Pain of Publishing? | Rachelle Gardner

Ebook Publishing On Kobo With Mark Lefebvre | The Creative Penn

What I Learned Writing Dreamlander: 6 Types of Courageous Characters | Wordplay

D. D. Scott’s Indie Epublishing Strategic Planning – Part Two (Ebook Pricing) | The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Making Love to Criticism | C. Hope Clark

How to Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle : @ProBlogger

‘It’s not you. It’s me’: why agents don’t connect with certain projects « Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

Authors Beware the Simon&Schuster Self-Pub Option | Susan Kaye Quinn, Young Adult Author

How much does self-publishing cost? « Must Use Bigger Elephants

Simon & Schuster Joins Forces With Author Solutions To Rip Off Writers | David Gaughran

New Way For Uninformed Writers to Spend Money | Dean Wesley Smith

Amazon Reviews #2: Answers To Indie Authors' Questions About Customer Reviews Policy | Advice on Self-Publishing & Selling Your Books

How Much Does Self-Publishing a Book Cost? | Lindsay Buroker

Serious Advice for Serious Independent Authors | Wise Ink

Hey Simon & Shuster: I’m Calling You Out! | Live Hacked

Episode 3: Build A Platform | Live Hacked

KDP Select: Is it worth it? (6 Takeaways From My Experience) — Self Publishing Team

Finding Free Fonts for Your Self-Published Book — The Book Designer