Friday Features #30

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features, where you'll find the most helpful blog posts for writers. I'm trying out a new format that takes a lot less time to create. Hope you like it, but if not, just let me know in the comments! As always, please consider sharing this roundup if you come across some awesome tips you might not have found otherwise. I appreciate it!


Non-Writing Spouses | Publetariat

Writing in the Coffee Shop | Mystery Writing is Murder

Why Some of My Greatest "Writing" Days Don't Involve Writing...—Pen & Pro$per

Guest Post: How to Become a Financially Fit Freelancer (Interview with Susan Hirshman)—Krissy Media Ink

NaNoWriMo: If You’re Writing, You’re Winning, by Trish Doller « Teens Can Write, Too!

Why It's Not The Critic Who Matters - Shelli Johnson

Hiding in the Writing Closet: Good or Bad?—Author, Jody Hedlund

Writers and Suicide | Nathan Bransford, Author

A Corollary to NaNoWriMo, or, Why I'm Prouder of 600 Words than 10,000—Beth Revis

How to Generate Ideas in Your Sleep—The Write Practice

Write for Pleasure, Not for the Pennies • Ryan Casey

There Is No Time For Despair | Rachelle Gardner

Getting Stuck and Working Through It | Mystery Writing is Murder

Writing Tip: Keep an Ideas List—Writability

Writing Tool: Scrivener—Writability

Doing NANOWRIMO? Five Tips for Succeeding—AT LAST!—Wise Ink

Writing Tips

The Business Rusch: Want To Be Read 100 Years From Now? Here’s How. « Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Writer Unboxed » 2 Ways Your Brain is Wired to Undermine Your Story – And What To Do About It

Writing Metaphor, Memorable Characters And Horror With Chuck Wendig | The Creative Penn

What I Learned Writing Dreamlander: How to Write Sympathetic Characters—Wordplay

Specific Generic Advice – Episode 1: Write A Good Book—Live Hacked

The James Bond 007 Guide to Writing—Wise Ink

"When" Are You Telling? The Trouble with When Statements—The Other Side of the Story

A Writer in the Spotlight – Anna Carey « EM Castellan

Gifts For Writers. | GENREALITY

Writing a One-Sentence Summary | Rachelle Gardner

Helping Writers Become Authors: 6 Compelling Antagonists—Wordplay

Point of View in Fiction « Must Use Bigger Elephants

When Bad Ideas Sabotage Killer Concepts—Storyfix

Look… No, You Look: Writing Male and Female PoV by Rayne Hall | Novel Girl

Stealing Good Ideas Is Okay—Moody Writing


Ten words you need to stop misspelling right now [infographic] | Ebook Friendly

How To Write An eBook, Part 6: Getting Your Draft Into Final Form | InkyBites

Author Platform

How to Use Google+ as an Author Platform

Should Writers Blog About Writing? • Ryan Casey

What We Leave Behind – The Real Meaning of Your Platform as a Writer—We Grow Media

Which is the Best Social Media for Connecting With Readers?—Author, Jody Hedlund

A Framework for Thinking About Author Platform | Jane Friedman

Elegant Themes for WordPress - Blogging with Amy

3 Social Media Myths that Can Cripple Our Author Platform « Kristen Lamb's Blog

Book Marketing

How To Get Massive Publicity For Your Book Without Spending A Cent - The Savvy Book Marketer

Goodreads Giveaways – Part Two – The Results

Writing a Best Selling Book: Strategies that Work

What's the Best Way to Promote Ebooks? - The Savvy Book Marketer

The Ultimate Guide to a Killer Book Signing — Self Publishing Team

Using Wattpad to Find New Readers—The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Indie Literary Fiction [Guest Post] — Self Publishing Team

10 Marketing Techniques That Annoy Potential Readers | Nathan Bransford, Author

Publishing Tips & Tutorials

Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal | Jane Friedman

25 Twitter Accounts to Help You Get Published | OEDb

Top 5 Goals for your Book or eBook Cover — The Book Designer

D. D. Scott’s Indie Epublishing Strategic Planning – Part One

17 Things Self-Publishers Need to Know about Book Design — The Book Designer

The KDP Select blogposts every author should read | 30 Day Books

Is the Kindle the Future of Literature or the Death of Publishing? — Aliventures

Amazon Deleting Authors’ Reviews of Other Authors’ Books | Publish Your Own Ebooks

Agents Self-Publishing and The Mysterious White Glove « Catherine, Caffeinated

The Publishing Industry Is Not Deserving of Special Protection | Nathan Bransford, Author

Shorter Novels in the Digital Age? | Mystery Writing is Murder

Indie Author vs. Indie Entrepreneur—Indie Author

7 Ways to Get Your Book Reviewed | 30 Day Books

Why I Signed With a Traditional Publisher—Livia Blackburne

26 Questions on Writing & Publishing: My Answers on Reddit | Jane Friedman

What were your favorite writing links this week? What do you think of the new format?