Friday Features #29

Welcome to another edition of Friday Features. I hope you enjoy, and please consider sharing this list if you find it handy.

Inspiration/Motivation/Productivity Tips

NaNoWriMo Tip: Write and Don’t Look Back by Ava Jae at Writability

The Life of a Freelancer: 10 Tips to Increase Your Writing Discipline by Kate Willer at Procrastinating Writers

The DIY Writing Career #4: 8 Red Flag Rules Writers Should Never Break by Krissy Brady at Krissy Media Ink

11 Traits of Highly Successful Writers by Krissy Brady at Krissy Media Ink

Six Non-Writing Things That Might Improve Your Writing by David B. Coe at Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists

The Waiting Game by Alison Winn Scotch at Writer Unboxed

25 Motivational Thoughts For Writers by Chuck Wendig at TerribleMinds

NaNoWriMo Pep Talks From Successful Authors at Publetariat

How to Win NaNoWriMo: Day One by Joe Bunting at The Write Practice

NaNoWriMo Resources! By Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford

9 Reasons to Quit Writing by Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

21 Unexpected to Find Your Writer’s Muse by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt at Write to Done

Guest Post: Finding Your Spark Through Procrastination by Anushka at Sara Flower’s Blog

A Bunch of Quotes About Writing by Philip at Publetariat

The Difficulty of Being a Work-at-Home Mom by Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

Don’t Give Up! 5 Ways to Rekindle Your Writing Inspiration by Kimberly Rachels at Novel Publicity

Why I’m Not Doing NaNoWriMo by Jane at QueryTracker

9 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block by Wren Doloro at DuoLit

What Do You Do When You Burn Out? By Kerem Meremutlu at YA Indie

How to Build a Lifestyle Business in Your Spare Time by Henri at Wake Up Cloud


Insane Characters by Marian Perera at Publetariat

Writing Tips

Third Person Omniscient vs. Third Person Limited by Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford

If You Write What You Know, Where Do You Get Ideas? By Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel

Jamie Michele’s Emotional Journey: 12 Steps to a Heart-Wrenching Romance by Jamie Michele at Romance University

We Need a Montage!* Showing a Character Learning Without Being Boring by Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story

Character Emotion: Is It Written All Over Their Face? By Angela Ackerman at Write to Done

After “The End”—The Epilogue by Tracy Hahn-Burkett at Writer Unboxed

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Book—Tips From a New York Times Bestselling Author by Ruth Harris at Anne R. Allen’s Blog

Making the Good Books Better by C. Hope Clark at C. Hope Clark

Are You Skimming Your Story’s Potential? By K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

Structure Part 8—Balancing the Scenes That Make Up Your Novel by Kristen Lamb at Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Setting the Scene: Openings that Orient by Darcy Pattison at Fiction Notes

The Screenplay Method (The Magic of Storytelling For All Writers) by Summer Lane at NA Alley

10 Stories with (Brilliant) Loose Ends by K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

The Lofty Semicolon by Lynda Yezak at AuthorCulture

My Favorite Points of View—Guest Post by Bill Hopkins at Mystery Writing is Murder


21 Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers by Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward

Ruth Harris Reports #10: Editors and Editing (Part Four of a Four-Part Series) by Ruth Harris at The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Author Platform

Yo Laura! How Do I Get More Traffic to My Website? By Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books

50 Ways to Reach Your Reader #3: Websites For Indie Authors at How to Successfully Self-Publish

What I Learned From Reading Your Facebook Updates…by Julia at The Writers Alley

Twitter Spam: What is Spamming and How Do I Avoid It? By Ryan Casey at Ryan Casey

How to Buy Your Author Domain Name by Caitlin Mulr at Author Media

Why Facebook Authors Should Have a Facebook Interest List by Karen Lotter at How to Successfully Self-Publish

Book Marketing

Guide to Book Launch and Advance Sales Strategies with CreateSpace and Lulu by Tracy R. Atkins at The Book Designer

Top 15 Reasons to Do a Virtual Book Tour by Dana Lynn Smith at The Savvy Book Marketer

Are Writers Too Insulated From Their Readers? By Mike Duran at Rachelle Gardner

3 Ways to Boost Your Newsletter This November by Nathan Exley at Author Media

Making a Name For Yourself: A Different View of Paid Advertising For Self-Pubbed Authors by Patty Jansen at Must Use Bigger Elephants

How to Get Your Book Noticed in Today’s Changing Marketplace by Stina Lindeblatt at QueryTracker

12 Days of Book Sales: A Dozen Holiday Book Promotion Ideas by Toni at DuoLit

Bad Review. Good News by Steven Lewis at Taleist

How Do You Maintain Steady Book Sales at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc? by Lindsay Buroker at Lindsay Buroker

13 Ways to Find New Readers For Your Books by Laura Pepper Wu at The Savvy Book Marketer

How to Build Your Business and Your Blog. Joanna Penn Interviewed on Women Unlimited by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Publishing Tips & News

Yes, We DO Judge a Book By Its Cover by Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer

Queries, Part 1: Before You Query by Cindy at The Writers Alley

Indie E-Published Authors: You Can Now Reach 50 Countries via Smashwords’ Distribution Channel with Apple! By D.D. Scott at The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

Amazon Removes Reviews by J.A. Konrath at The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Amazon Removing Reviews: Why It’s Bad For Indie Authors by Ryan Casey at Ryan Casey

Random House, Penguin Agree to Merge at Publishers Weekly

Update on Categories and Keywords: Why Authors Should Still Care by M. Louisa Locke at M. Louisa Locke

Confessions of a Middle Grade Indie Author, and Other Tips to Maintain Your Sanity by Julie Grasso at Novel Girl

The Business Rusch: No Reader Left Behind by Kristine Kathryn Rusch at Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Business Rusch: Rights Reversion by Kristine Kathryn Rusch at Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Should Authors Stalk Review Sites? By Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

As a Publisher, You’re Running a Business! Get Agreements in Writing! By Dalya Moon at YA Indie

Getting the Hang of the Business End of Things by Elizabeth S. Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder

ROW80 Check-In 4: Jay Kristoff’s Query Tips by E.M. Castellan at E.M. Castellan

The New World of Publishing: Ebooks at 25% by Dean Wesley Smith at Dean Wesley Smith

The Most Specific Generic Self-Publishing Advice I’ll Ever Give You by Nick Thacker at Live Hacked

Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #25 by Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer

Publishing Ebooks For Dummies by Ali Luke at The Creative Penn

Physical Attributes Thesaurus: Legs by Becca Puglisi at The Bookshelf Muse

The Common Mistake 99% of Writers Make with Their Book Description—Guest Post by Mark Edwards at Ryan Casey

All USA Today Weekly Bestsellers From 2000-2011 Put Together into a Fascinating Visualization at Ebook Friendly

Is Traditional Publishing a Happily Ever After? by Anthea Lawson at Laura Howard 

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