Friday Features #27


The DIY Writing Career #2: A Successful Writing Career Starts With This by Krissy Brady at Krissy Media Ink

The Only Thing More Terrifying Than Failing As a Writer by Krissy Brady at Krissy Media Ink

Ebooks Inspire Us to Read Again [Infographic] at Ebook Friendly

Top 25 Book Goodreads Reviewers to Follow [Infographic] at Ebook Friendly

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: NaNoWriMo by Sophie Novak at The Write Practice

Try RescueTime For Free in November by Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

31 Ways to Find Inspiration For Your Writing by Leo Babauta at Publetariat

NaNoWriMo Professor Shares His Secrets For a Productive November by Ian Randall Wilson at The Office of Letters and Light

What’s Your Writing Personality by K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

The Single-Mindedness of the Novel Writer by Mooderino at Moody Writing

Free Self-Control: Download Here! By Karen Schravemade at The Writers Alley

Ideas Aren’t Sacred by Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford

5 Ways for Writers to Blast Through Self-Doubt by Jon Bard at Write to Done

To NaNo, Or Not to NaNo…by Chelsea M. Cameron at YA Indie

When You Feel Like the Worst Writer in the World by Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Write Like a Mother***er by Shelli Johnson at Shelli Johnson

The Siren Call of NaNoWriMo by Raewyn Hewitt at Dreaming of Other Realms

Exploding the Perfect Writer Myth by Anna Elliott at Writer Unboxed

How to Become a Professional At Your Craft by Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer

The Importance of Looking Ahead…And Not Looking Ahead by Elizabeth S. Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder


WPA #8—Police Gunfighting by Terry O’Dell at Terry’s Place

Writing Tips

10 Tips for Writing Impactful Dialogue by Catherine McKenzie at Writer Unboxed

What is Speculative Fiction? By N.E. Lilly at Publetariat

NaNoWriMo Cometh: A Terribleminds Primer by Chuck Wendig at Publetariat

ROW80 Check-In 2: Meg Cabot’s Writing Tips by E.M. Castellan at E.M. Castellan

Why Your Stakes Shouldn’t Be Too High by K. M. Weiland at Wordplay

Characters Should Think Progressively by Mooderino at Moody Writing

How to Kill Characters with Impact by Ava Jae at Writability

Semicolons by Darcy Pattison at Fiction Notes

Screenwriters and Novelists—What’s the Difference by D.A. Serra at The Creative Penn

Chapter Breaks and Cliffhangers by Elizabeth S. Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder

How Much Should You Plan Before Starting a Novel? By Ali Luke at Aliventures

Why I Won’t Be Digging Out My Trunk Novels Any Time Soon by Carrie Vaughn at Genreality

Reviving Characters: Should It Be Done? By Ava Jae at Writability

How Not to Write an Opening Paragraph by John Hansen at Teens Can Write, Too!


On Publishing Precise: When Do I Ignore Critiques? By Rebecca Berto at Rebecca Berto—Novel Girl

At First Draft: The 6 (Minimum) Steps to Revising Your Manuscript Before Submission at Wise Ink

Why I Need a Beta Reader…And So Do You…by Julia at the Writers Alley

What Does a Book Edit Look Like? By Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

Editing and Word Count by Sasha White at Genreality

Author Platform

Is Your Author Website Doing Its Job? 6 Things to Check by Laura Pepper Wu at Jane Friedman

Using Twitter to (Effectively) Build Your Fanbase and Market Your Book by Toni at DuoLit

Simplifying Twitter: Be a Person, Not a Brand by Nina Badzin at Writer Unboxed

Twitter: You’re Doing It Wrong by Angel Lawson at YA Indie

Do Agents and Editors Expect Novelists to Blog? By Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

Building Your Author Platform—Part 3: A Guide to Blogging by Ryan Casey at Ryan Casey


What is the ONE Thing That Has Brought You More Readers? Part 6 with Suzannah Windsor Freeman & Kathy Lynn Harris by Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books

50 Ways to Reach Your Reader #1 Introduction at How to Successfully Self-Publish

50 Ways to Reach Your Reader #2: Indie Authors & Amazon at How to Successfully Self-Publish

“You Can Follow Books Up the Charts on a Piece of Elastic.” Part 2 of Interview with Best-Seller Mark Edwards by Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books

eBook Marketing: How Do You Target Your Reading Audience? By James Moushon at Publetariat

Blog Tour Basics by Lynnette Bonner at Author Culture

I Just Self-Published an Ebook, Now What Do I Do? By Dalya Moon at YA Indie

Are There Downsides to Giving Away Free Ebooks? By Lindsay Buroker at Lindsay Buroker

The New World of Publishing: Maybe Your Wrote a Good Book by Dean Wesley Smith at Dean Wesley Smith

11 Things Not to Do Before Your Book Launch by M.J. Rose at Buzz, Balls, & Hype


e-Book Cover Design Awards, September 2012 by Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer

5 Literary Journals Born of the Digital Age by Emily Wenstrom at Jane Friedman

Q&A on Copyright with an Attorney by Brad Frazer at Jane Friedman

Successful Self-Publishing by Fiona Robyn at How to Successfully Self-Pubish

Publishing Choices and Using PR and Traditional Media for Marketing with Polly Courtney by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Publishing Schedule for Indie Writers—Who to Hire and When by Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel

The Pros and Cons of Entering Writing Contests by Suzannah Windsor Freeman at Write It Sideways

7 Been-There-Done-That Tips on Formatting, Taxes, Amazon, Reviews, and More [Guest Post] by Yasmin Selena at DuoLit

An Introduction to Publisihng with Kobo Writing Life by Gary McLaren at Publish Your Own Ebooks

5 Facts About Publishing That Could Change Your Career by Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer

7 Reasons Why Your Book Should Also Be an Audiobook by Thomas Umstattd at Author Media

Beware the Seven Deadly Writing Scams by Lila Moore at Anne R. Allen’s Blog

UK Indie Authors—Tax on US Royalties by Rachel Abbott at Rachel Abbott

The Cycles of Book Sales by Anthony Weasel at Live Write Thrive

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