Friday Features #20


The Publishing Process in GIF Form by Nathan Bransford at Nathan Bransford

ROW Check-In 8: Elizabeth May on Writerly Misconceptions at EM Castellan

The Secret to Easy-Breezy Writing by Claiborne Ashby at Men With Pens

When Writing Gets Hard – A Light For a Dark Place by Raewyn Hewitt at Dreaming of Other Realms

Advice to Newbies: File-Naming Conventions by Elle Casey at YA Indie

The Most Unsexy Trait of Successful Writers (and Other Humans) by Judy Lee Dunn at Judy Lee Dunn

25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo by Chuck Wendig at Publetariat

Fail Faster (So You Can Become a Better Writer) by Joe Bunting at Goins, Writer

How to Make Writing a Habit Using Rituals by Rich Furman at Procrastinating Writers

Writing Lapses: 5 Tips to Get You Back on Track by Sarah Baughman at Write It Sideways

Creativity Tool: The Brain Book by Jennifer Blanchard at InkyBites

Strange Thoughts by Sasha White at Genreality

Dusting Ourselves Off After Set-Backs by Elizabeth S. Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder

6 Forms of Distraction (And How to Prevent Them) by Krissy Brady at Krissy Media Ink

How I Write Every Day For a Year by Krissy Bradford at Fiction Notes

A 3-Step Way to Handle the Pain of Rejection by John Yeoman at Mystery Writing is Murder

How (Not) To Be a Brilliant Writer by Ava Jae at Writability

What Are You Writing About? By Ollin Morales at Courage 2 Create

How to Accomplish More By Doing Less by Tony Schwartz at 99U


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Writing Advice

The Seductive But Deadly Sin That Wants to Kill Your Story by Larry Brooks at StoryFix

Conflict Begins on Page One by Darcy Pattison at Fiction Notes

Writing Realistic Love Relationships by Carolyn Kaufman at QueryTracker

How to Paint a Scene with Words by Melissa Tydell at The Write Practice

5 Ways You're Preventing Readers From Suspending Disbelief by K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

Never Begin Your Story with Weather – A Writing Taboo Explained by Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel

Resist Giving Characters a Helping Hand by Mooderino at Moody Writing

What Makes a Good Almost Kiss? By Sherrinda Ketchersid at The Writers Alley

What is Gritty Epic Fantasy? By E.M. Castellan at E.M. Castellan

When Your Character Doesn't Speak English by Linda Lane at The Blood-Red Pencil

The Power of Theme by John Yeoman at The Bookshelf Muse

The Best Way to Become a Better Writer by Joe Bunting at The Write Practice

How to Find Your Character's Voice by K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

Guest Author Carol Riggs: Stuff I Have Learned at The Other Side of the Story

Whose Story Is This Anyway? By Danyelle Leafty at QueryTracker

7 Essential Elements of Scene + Scene Structure Exercise by Martha Alderson at Jane Friedman

How to Work on More Than One Book at a Time by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

Moving On by HelenKay Dimon

Precious Prose – Killing Your Darlings by Raewyn Hewitt at Dreaming of Other Realms

Come On, What's the Worst That Can Happen? Plotting Your Novel by Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story

Use Character Quirks to Grab Readers' Attention by Neal Abbot at Wordplay


Matt Asks About Beta Readers by Hugh Howey at Hugh Howey

Ruth Harris Reports #8: Editors and Editing (Part 2 of a Series) by Ruth Harris at The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

Are You Ready For Some Editing? By Jamie Chavez at Read>Play>Edit

How to Use Brainstorming to Edit by Ava Jae at Writability

Guest Author Sangu Mandanna: Give It Time at The Other Side of the Story

Editing For Impact by Diana Cosby at Gem State Writers

Author Platform

Your Guide to 11 Kinds of WordPress Blog Pages by Joel Friedlandere at The Book Designer

'Social Media': Author Ignorance by Porter Anderson at Writer Unboxed

Top 10 WordPress Security Myths by Anders Vinther at ProBlogger

How I Built My Platform in 9 Months & How You Can Too by Rebecca Berto at 30 Day Books

If There Are Free WordPress Themes, Why Should You Pay For a Premium One? By Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books

How to Start a Blog or Website: Intro & FAQ by Amy Lynn Andrews at Blogging With Amy

How to Build a Readership For Your Blog and Books by Jody Hedlund at Rachelle Gardner


A Simple Marketing Plan Outline For Indie Authors at Wise, Ink

Is It Necessary to Hire a Publicist? Pros and Cons at Wise, Ink

Bowling For Blurbs by Douglas Corleone at Mystery Writing Is Murder

How Self-Publishers Reach Readers at How to Successfully Self-Publish

'Tis the Season to Plan Book Promotions by Dana Lynn Smith at Publetariat

How Do You Do It? By Talli Roland at The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing

The Book Marketing Game is Not a Race: Some Fresh Perspective by A. Yamina Collins at Novel Publicity

Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews? By Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer

How to Prepare For a Book Launch by Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

How to Find Out What Readers Want by Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer

Do Blog Tours Work (And How Do You Set One Up?) by Michelle Isenhoff at Lindsay Buroker

Want to Grow Your Audience? Understand Not Just What They Read, But Why They Read It by Dan Blank at We Grow Media


Anatomy of Successful eBooks [Infographic] by Piotr Kowalcyk at Ebook Friendly

B&N Reveals Plans For Expansion into UK by Gary McLaren at Publish Your Own Ebooks

Amazon Launches India Kindle Store by Gary McLaren at Publish Your Own Ebooks

The Millionaire Author Mindset with Stephanie Hale by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

How to Self-Publish an Ebook on a Budget by Stephanie Zia at How to Successfully Self-Publish

How Winning an Award Could Find You New Readers, & A List of Awards For Indie Authors by Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books

Extra Ether: Buying Book Reviews – Still Admire John Locke? By Porter Anderson at Jane Friedman

Staying Balanced in the Confusing Modern Publishing Industry by Jody Hedlund at Jody Hedlund

Apple Has Started Listening to Indie Publishers by Holly Lisle at Holly Lisle: Writer

My Experience with KDP Select by Lynnette Bonner at Author Culture

Not So Fast: Ideas to Rethink by Rachelle Gardner at Rachelle Gardner

S.M. Reine's Guide to Earning a Living as an Indie Author by S.M. Reine at YA Indie

A Deadline to Publish: Amanda Hocking Doesn't Let Hundreds of Rejections Stand In Her Way! At Wise, Ink

The Business Rusch: The End of the Unprofessional Writer by Kristine Kathryn Rusch at Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: The Myth of Giving Away 15% Ownership in Your Work by Dean Wesley Smith at Dean Wesley Smith

Five Questions Indie Authors Should Always Ask an Agent by Orna Ross at How to Successfully Self-Publish

How Do Authors Benefit From Agents? By Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such

Ebooks For Libraries by Mike, Linda, and Joe at A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

How Do You Know When It's Time to Making Writing Your Full-Time Job? By Amanda DeSilvio at DuoLit

Self-Publishing and the Midlist by Catherine Czerkawska at How to Successfully Self-Publish

Indie Authors – You Can Do It! By Crystal Patriarche at Writer Unboxed

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