Finally Caught Up!

Hi everyone,

After writing well over the daily goal the past few days and over three thousand words throughout today, I AM FINALLY CAUGHT UP! What a relief! I can finally relax a little bit!

Not to mention I should be hitting 40K tomorrow, another huge milestone. I think that after I hit 40K, the 50K will come quickly. It will be a piece of cake after reaching 80% of my goal.

So how did the small 500 word chunks of writing an hour work out? The method worked well on Monday and today. Yesterday, not so much. It's a good method to use when you have a whole day to yourself, but it doesn't quite work when you have errands to run. So yesterday I just sat down and did all my writing in one sitting. But I really like how you do all of your writing in small pieces. Those small word counts really add up!

Now to keep this up. I plan on writing over the daily word count goal anyways so I can get ahead. I would love to finish early. How's your Nano going?

Happy Thanksgiving! And keep writing!