15 Ways To Get Unblocked And Start Writing Again

Ideas are everywhere. You just have to be aware of them.

But I think ideas strike the most when you're not writing. How many times have you sat down in your writing chair at your writing desk only to not be able to write?

Sometimes it pays to step away from the computer and work on something else or have a little fun when you're feeling creatively blocked.

Here are fifteen things you can do to get unblocked and back to your writing:

  1. Hop in the shower
  2. Go for a run or walk.
  3. Go on bike ride.
  4. Go for a car ride.
  5. Take a nap (ideas often come as you're falling asleep or in your dreams).
  6. Go to the movies.
  7. Watch some television.
  8. Read fiction.
  9. Read writing books.
  10. Read writing blogs.
  11. Have a conversation with someone.
  12. Work on another writing project.
  13. Write a blog post.
  14. Write about a life experience.
  15. Try something new.

I find that #1, 2, 4, 5, and 14 usually work for me, even when I'm not actively seeking ideas.

What methods work for you when you're blocked?