Upcoming Changes to Friday Features

It's time for some changes to Friday Features that I believe will make them even better. How do I know? Because a lot of you gave me excellent feedback on how to do that. Thanks again! Here are the changes that will take place starting next week.

  1. The Friday Features list will now be posted on Mondays, starting with today's post being scheduled for Monday. Why? So you can read the links during the week instead of on the weekends. This seems to be more convenient for you guys, and I completely get it
  2. I will keep sending all blog posts, including Friday Features, as plain text through Aweber to email subscribers.  Why? So readers can have access to all the links in the email. I experimented with setting up an automated blog broadcast. I hated the look of it, the way it cut off the post, and everything else about it. So even though it's more work, I'll be manually sending blog posts out in their entirety so you can go through all the links from that email. As always, I'll include a link in the beginning so you can view the post on the Internet instead if you like. 
  3. Each category will be limited to just 5 links, maybe 6 on occasion. Why? You guys have hinted that you don't have time to go through my huge lists (smile). From now on, it'll be the absolute cream of the crop, and it'll keep the list from being something impossible to complete reading.
  4. The name of these weekly posts will change from Friday Features to Monday Must-Reads [unless you can come up with a better name :)]. Why? Well, it's going to be going out on Mondays, for one. Monday Features doesn't have the same ring to it.

So what is Monday Must-Reads? It's a short, weekly categorized list of the absolute most helpful tips for writers. Make sure you don't miss any editions and get the free email updates.

I hope you like these new changes, and more than that, I hope they make you life even easier. What do you think of the changes?