Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 8

I felt so lazy today. I still haven’t been able to start my day as early as I planned. I woke up close to 11am and checked some things online. Then I got started on today’s workout and showered. I liked getting that out of the way.

I was planning on starting words then, around 12:30, but my maid of honor called to do some wedding planning. So I met her for lunch and did some much needed planning. Then I had a couple of things I needed to put in the mail. I needed to make sure my business debit card worked (I never use it in person), so I tried it at the ATM, and of course, it didn’t work. So there went another part of my afternoon, going into the bank to get the issue resolved. So headed to the post office and then to a clothing store while I was at it to return something. So I went ahead and ran all my errands this afternoon.

By the time I got home, it was about 4:30pm. I got back to reading A Million Suns and then took a call (more wedding planning and research) and finally got to writing at about 6:30pm. I forgot to time my session though, but I do know it lasted about 30 minutes, and I got about 674 words in.

I just wasn’t really feeling it. But I told myself I’d do at least one more session because I really need to meet a 2100ish daily word count goal so I can catch up and complete Camp NaNoWriMo. I got a couple of people on Twitter to join me, I was feeling the story more, and I was able to write 965 words that session. Pretty good!

I think the big issue for me today has been the dread that I usually get when writing a new story. I hate facing an empty page and not having any idea what to write and realizing I’m on step one of a million mile journey. That’s how it feels. But having the outline made it much easier to start to get over that hurdle. It’s a matter of just sitting down to do it and things will get better the more you do it. But you won’t get there if you never start.

So with about 300 words left to meet my daily goal, I gave the toddler a bath, put her to bed, and had dinner. Then more reading. I planned on starting another lession at about 10:30pm so I could be done relatively early. But of course, I just had to go ahead and finish A Million Suns (can’t wait for the last book!).

But I got myself out of bed and came back to finish my words. Did 401 in 16 minutes. And I’ve slightly exceeded today’s goal. I’m really hoping that tomorrow and the next day I can really get several good sprints in and make significant progress on this story. If I write 2,162 words a day the rest of April, I can meet the 50k. I’ve been known to write that in an hour when I’m in the zone. That’s not that big of a commitment at all. I just have to sit down and do it. Some days, it’ll probably take me two hours, but it’s still very feasible for me, even when I get back to my day job. I know I can do this. Just need to get my butt in gear.

Today’s Data

Total Words: 2288

Total Time Spent: 76+ minutes (I think I forgot to log a short session so probably closer to 85-90 minutes)