Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 7

So I fell asleep last night before I actually remembered to publish this daily diary entry (I need to set a nightly reminder or something). I was planning on getting back up from reading in bed and fitting in at least 1,000 first draft words for Unforgettable Love. But I didn't.

So here's what happened. I woke up really late (finally went to sleep at 3:30am after many, many episodes of Downton Abbey). I began watching Downton Abbey again (lol, I'm a horrible person) and got some minor self-publishing tasks done. I finally tore myself away to get my cardio workout out of the way and showered. Then I had a shake for lunch and a break. Did lots reading on the couch and in bed (A Million Suns is getting really good) and generally just felt really lazy.

I'm betting it's because I went to bed so late and got up so late. But by the time I finally just grabbed the computer and opened it up to do some editing, it was about 5 in the afternoon. Horrible. I decided to start off with editing since it's just easier and doesn't take as much energy as creating new words. I didn't want to stop because that would mean starting on the Unforgettable Love first draft. So I didn't. I edited Unfailing Love on and off the entire evening until about 10pm. I'd say about two hours.

And I finished editing Unfailing Love!

So I was really glad about that but still wanted to get some first draft words done. So I took another long reading break in bed and promptly fell asleep :)

Back at it today, though. Only big thing I have to work on is the first draft of Unforgettable Love for Camp NaNoWriMo so we'll see how many words I can get in!

Today's (Yesterday's) Data

Total Words: 0

Total Edited Scenes: 27 

Total Time Spent: about 2 hours