Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 6


Behind on editing scenes for Unfailing Love so starting there first. Wanted to get up early (around 8:30am) but ended up crawling out of bed at 9:30am this morning. Felt very lazy and tired all morning. So I published this week’s Monday Must-Reads, fixed our wifi, tracked sales, had a small breakfast, and then did today’s workout, hoping it would energize me. It did, some. Then I had a couple of hard-boiled eggs and took a break around noon. I did a little reading. I can’t believe it’s already 1:30 in the afternoon, and I don’t have much to say for progress. But I’m toddler-free for several more hours, so I’m going to catch up on editing and finally work on those beats. Not coming back until I’ve caught up.


57% done with copyedits of Unfailing Love. I’ve completed 50 of 88 scenes (21 scenes in about an hour and half), which means I’m well ahead of schedule. If I keep editing at my usual pace of 7 scenes daily, then I’ll be done in 5-6 days and have plenty of time to get the file ready for the proofreader and fix any last-minute things. Okay, really happy with my progress so far. Going to take a longer break and then get started on beats.


Took a really long break. Didn’t get started back up until 4:43pm. Had a light lunch, did some reading, and got sucked into Downton Abbey. That show is just too good! So a 45 minute lunch break turned into two hours…

Finally tore myself away and did a pomodoro as I worked on beats for Unforgettable Love, which is what I’m supposed to be working on for Camp NaNoWriMo. Still have not started that first draft six days in. So I went through my simple synopsis and created scenes. 47 of them, which is not that many compared to the 88 in Unfailing Love, but I bet I’ll add more as I’m writing. That, or it’ll be a novella because I tend to write very short scenes. I’m fine either way. This book might feel like a novella.

Next, I’m supposed to fill in each scene with a beat, a couple hundred words or so about that scene and what happens, but the simple synopsis is so detailed that I think I’m just going to copy paste everything in.

Minimum, I need to finish that today and start on the actual first draft. I’ve been tracking everything, but I’m eager to see how I do on words per hour and do some word sprints on Twitter. Not to mention get closer to that 50k April goal.

The toddler should be here soon, so I need to spend time with her, but I don’t have too much else to do today, so getting started on the first draft should be very doable. I might work a little longer then take the evening off, but I definitely plan on working another session or two tonight after she’s in bed.


Finally finished working on beats and wrote first 134 words of first draft of Unforgettable Love. After watching way too much Downton Abbey, I must say. So finally accomplished today’s goals. And I worked almost three and a half hours, double what I’ve worked on writing in a single day since starting this, although it’s because I’m off from the day job this week. We’ll see how I keep it up next week. In the mean time, I hope to write as much as possible. Tomorrow, more work on editing and first draft words.

Today’s Data

Total Words: 134 (and finished beats)

Total Edited Scenes: 21

Total Time Spent: 203 minutes (3 hours, 23 minutes)