Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 3


Fridays are usually my lazy day. It’s my off day for exercise, I eat a cheat meal (or two), and I get home from the day job and relax in bed for an hour or two. Today, I did that.

But then I got up and got to writing at about 4:30pm. My brothers came over and put on a movie so I was working on and off. Then I saw how messy the living room was as well as my office/toddler’s bedroom and I had to fix that :)

Sat down and worked some more, this time for a good little while and finally fleshed out my two main characters and 4 minor characters. Focused more on really fleshing out the major characters’ backstories, their pasts, families, etc. Then less on the minor.

So yeah. Really glad I was able to put in some good working time and that done. Tomorrow: beats. Later tonight: edit 6 scenes so I can stay on track there. Be back later. Gonna go play some basketball.


Just got done editing 7 more scenes of Unfailing Love, and my eyes are closing on their own by now. I had fun today. Also did a lot of work. And I’m just pooped. Time for bed. Great productivity considering it’s a Friday.

Today’s Data

Total Words: ? (Not sure. About 1500 or so? Finished character sheets.)

Total Scenes Edited: 7

Total Time Spent: About 3 hours (with lots of breaks/distractions)