Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 29 (Never Stop Making Progress!)

Oh boy. So this last part of the month did not go as I planned.

I got bombarded with lots of day job and wedding planning stuff, and the truth is I chose not to make writing a priority during those several days. Very on and off, mostly off the past week or so.

But I’m back on the daily writing wagon, even knowing that I’m not going to meet my 40K goal.

And I’m completely okay with that.

Right now, this manuscript (Unforgettable Love) is at 30,608 words (77% done!). So yes, I’m slightly disappointed in myself because I could have easily won this challenge I set for myself, but I’m still very happy and proud of the 30K I have so far (with one more day to go).

Yes, I wanted a completed manuscript, and I fell short of that, but I’m almost there.

Things came up that I didn’t expect, but the important thing is that I didn’t do what I would have done a couple of years ago and just completely abandoned the book until months later.

Instead, I’ve adjusted my goals so that I’ll finish this book by May 15th at the absolute latest, but I should be done well ahead of that new schedule. If I just write 600ish words a day, I can make that new deadline. But it’s much more doable and I’ll also have time to exceed if I can and work on a ton of other stuff that I need to do (writing, marketing, exercise, and wedding stuff).

The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that you can’t stop making progress no matter what.

No matter what.

Be it five minutes a day. 100 words. 500 words or thirty minutes if you can. But don’t skip a day. Because it will turn into two and then three.

I said several posts ago that my goal was to get to 3-4K daily. I still want to do that, but right now, I can’t do that daily amount so I’m scaling back to 1K a day until the wedding passes and I take care of some day job things that are coming up. I’ll produce slower but consistently until I can push my productivity to higher levels. Because it’ll mean another book formatted, marketed, and published, another written, yet another outlined.

How did you guys do during Camp NaNoWriMo?

Below is a quick summary of the progress I’ve made (and not made) the past several days that I did not publish a writing diary.

Day 23: 04.23.15 Thursday 0 words

Day 24: 04.24.15 Friday 789 words

Day 25: 04.25.15 Saturday 0 words

Day 26: 04.26.15 Sunday 0 words

Day 27: 04.27.15 Monday 0 words

Day 28: 04.28.15 Tuesday 2111 words

Today’s Data

Total Words: 1038

Total Word Count: 30,608