Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 22

7:46pm So it's not even 8pm, and I've met both of my big daily goals. Write enough to stay on track for Camp NaNoWriMo and exercise.

I'm very surprised. Today was hell at the day job. I had to stay very late with no breaks, and I came home practically brain dead at about 3:15pm. Completely wiped. I went straight to bed to recuperate for at least an hour. I closed my eyes but couldn't really fall asleep. It was close to four, but I just couldn't bear to leave bed yet, so I caught up on blog reading. Then I tried to nap again but the fiance got home, and I made myself finally get up. The slight headache I had all afternoon got steadily worse. I had a snack and watched a bit of Netflix at the dining table.

Then I had the laptop open and ready to start, but I just could not get rid of this headache. So I closed the computer and worked out. That usually makes me feel better mentally. It did for the most part. I ran to the shower, grabbed the toddler, and brought her to her 6:30pm Wednesday church class.

I brought my laptop, and this is where I'm at now. I procrastinated a bit, but finally got started writing at 7pm. Her class ends at 8pm, and I made it my goal to finish my 1700 words for today by then. I had time for two pomodoros. I set the time for the first, but I was on a roll, so I didn't stop until 7:38pm when I crossed the finish line.

I'm so happy. I wrote probably my favorite scene of the book so far tonight. Carlos and Naomi's relationship is beautiful. The words were flowing, and I just kept thinking how far I've come as a writer. Like, hey, this doesn't completely suck! It's actually kinda good! Yay!

Don't you love these kinds of moments? I live for them, especially when the words get stuck, and they're not very good.

So anyway, I'm including Tuesday's and tonight's stats below. I know I forgot to post last night. No details on that since after today, I can hardly remember my name :)

Tuesday's (Yesterday's) Data

Total Words: 2067

Total Time: ?

Total Word Count: 24,919

Today's Data

Total Words: 1751

Total Time: 38 minutes

Average WPH: 2765 (new record!)

Total Word Count: 26,670