Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 20


In bed right now. Really tired. But not a bad day. I've been on and off the past several days. Writing some days and not others with all the website stuff going on. But got back on track today.

Not right away though. 

Got home and had some lunch around 2. Then remembered I needed to post this week's Monday Must-Reads. So proceeded to do that while listening to the Author Biz podcast. Just got hooked on it recently. Great show. 

Got distracted about halfway through and started tinkering with the website again, updating more obscure but important pages, like the page thanking email subscribers. 

I also double checked the Unbreakable Love file and uploaded it to Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords to get it on Apple. I hate publishing through Apple and been hearing lots of great things about Smashwords and the updates it's doing. And recently decided to go wide again with my books. Select only helped marginally. But now that I'm about to publish my third book and soon my fourth, I think it's smart to publish and find readers everywhere. Unending Love will be going up everywhere at the end of June. Book 3 will be going wide out of the gate. Might experiment with Select again in the future but trying something else now. First book permafree with clickable image calls to action in the back of each book for my email list. I'm offering my books for free to all of my subscribers in the form of review copies. This should help increase the size of my list. 

So I finally published Monday Must-Reads and then started looking at my 2015 production plan. I've added lots of marketing tasks to it. So I transferred them to Asana and added deadlines and assigned them to projects. I'll do a post on the tools I use soon.  

At some point I also worked out and did some wedding planning stuff. Finally started writing around 9pm. Forgot to track time and all that but happy I met my daily 1715 word goal around 10:30pm. I believe I did about two pomodoros with a long break and perhaps a distraction. So not bad. But again, working on getting words done earlier. Lots of procrastination today. And also feeling pressure of getting marketing stuff done. 

Today's Data

Total Words: 1718

Total Time: 75-90 minutes with break

Total Word Count: 22,852