Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 2


So I realized just now that I’m already numbering my days wrong for this challenge. Sigh. Only me :b

Day 1 was actually Day 0 because I wrote it/published it on March 31st. I’ve fixed everything now so if you experience broken links, that’s why. Just go to the homepage and scroll and you’ll see all the entries in this diary so far.

So my day is just now over. Again, kinda late. Not gonna appreciate it in the morning, but I do get to sleep in a bit since the soon-to-be hubby is off, which means I don’t have to drop of the toddler at the sitter.

I’m really happy with today’s progress, though, even if I’m still adjusting and need to find a way to get done with everything much earlier. I went to another of my nephew’s soccer game today, though, so that’s one reason it’s this late right now (not about to not go, though!).

So I got home a little later than usual again, but I got right to work at 3:10pm and worked on the simple synopsis until 4:45 with a couple of tiny breaks and distractions.I wrote 2153 words for it, at an average rate of 1520 words per hour. Kinda slow for me but since the simple synopsis is all about generating the story ideas, that’s actually pretty impressive for me since I tend to freeze up when at this stage of the writing process. I pushed through my doubts and I think I have a really good outline for this story. It came in at over 4500 words, which would make me ahead of the game if these were first draft words! Tomorrow, I’ll work on fleshing out characters. This weekend, I’ll work on beats and start the actual first draft. I’ll be a few days behind, but I’m more than confident I can catch up :)

So after this, I went to my nephew’s soccer game and got home close to 8. I thought I should go ahead and work on copyediting of Unfailing Love, but of course, I got caught up in Google Plus, and I cleaned up my profile over there because there are some people I want to follow, but I was following way too many people to see what they’re up to.

Then I had a chicken salad for dinner and did my cardio workout (not a good idea when full). I put the toddler to bed, read some blog posts and began reading an outlining book called Take Off Your Pants! By Libbie Hawker. Short but helpful book. Can’t wait to see what I glean there. Then I finally got started on copyediting at just past ten o’clock. Again gotta start on this earlier. Can’t wait until I’m done with these edits so I can go back to my usual night routine.

By the way, here are the screenshots of mywriteclub (again, highly recommend it):

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.04.43 PM
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.05.01 PM

Today’s Data

Total Words: 2153 (simple synopsis finished, 4570 words total)

Total Scenes Edited: 6 (12 total)

Total Time: 121 minutes