Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 16


Not a very productive day today. For a couple of reasons.

I wrote exactly nine words in about 9 minutes. And I was just so tired that I couldn’t write any more than that.

Not enough sleep. Some family things came up today that took up my entire afternoon. Left to take care of them right after work and didn’t get home until past six pm. It’s the end of the week, and I’m more tired than usual.

I fit in my workout and took a shower. Lay down a few minutes to read and watch the toddler play.

Then sat down at the desk. Wrote the 9 words. Tried to go write somewhere else. Had a small dinner instead and then just felt so burnt out. My body was just tired. I couldn’t read straight. I just wanted to sleep.

I sat on the couch with a blanket and watched some mind-numbing TV for about twenty minutes. And I decided I wouldn’t be writing today. I needed a night off. And it would be completely okay.

Because this book isn’t going to get to 50K anyway, and yeah it would be nice to pump through the first draft in a total of 2-3 weeks, but you know what? My health has to come first, and this week has been tough. I can’t seem to get back into my usual routine. I keep sleeping way too late for various reasons.

Tonight it was because I needed to write the front and back matter for Unfailing Love and separate the draft into chapters. Because I just don’t think or write in chapters, so I save it for last. But I completely forgot about it this time around, and I kept having the feeling that I was forgetting something, and that was it. Took a while. Then getting it formatted for the proofreader to go ahead and send it to her.

Overall, though, I’m really happy that that book is getting ready for publication. And from what I’ve seen, Unforgettable Love shouldn’t need too many revisions. Which means I can publish it faster. That has been my main goal. Write fast and do research first to cut down on revision time later.

So back to not writing and the book not being 50k. I think at most, it will be 40K, probably 35K. So I don’t absolutely have to be writing 2K every day to meet a 50K goal because there really isn’t one (getting to finish early is different but like I said, health is more important right now).

So I changed the goal to 40K on Camp NaNoWriMo, MyWriteClub, and Scrivener. To meet my 40K goal and finish this first draft, I need to write about 1500 words a day.

Much more manageable! So I’ll be doing that. And also working on some marketing stuff, getting ready for my next release in May/June.

This is what my new Camp NaNoWriMo chart looks like. Not saying I’m not going to finish the draft early anymore, but hey, not as much pressure now. Only about 2K behind, mostly because I took tonight off. No regrets.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.38.34 PM

Today’s Data

Total Words: 9

Total Time: 1 minute

Total Word Count: 19,456