Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 15


Just now published the Day 14 post. Went to bed so late last night that I guess I forgot to actually hit publish. So if you’re reading this in email, you’ll probably get both entries in the same email so make sure to scroll.

Anyway, just now finished my words for today. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll see that I went to bed at a crazy hour, and it’s become a problem this week. Today was the day in which I would improve on that and get to bed early.

I kind of met that goal?

I got home just after 2pm. Instead of having lunch (I was still full from the two hard-boiled eggs I had around 11am), I went ahead settled in and completed my workout. I thought I’d sit down and write by 3 or 3:15pm to give myself a small break, but I ended up working on more website and email stuff.

Until about 8:00pm….

On the bright side, the website, sign up forms, and social media headers are completely rebranded! In the next week or two, you’ll be asked if you want to stay on the writers tips list or if you’d also like to join the readers/book updates list. Most of you are just here for the writers tips, but in the past, you’ve also gotten my book updates. I’ve been meaning to create two separate lists, and today, I finally did that (waaayyy easier than I thought).

So it was 8pm, and I had yet to write words. Boy, was there laziness and just no want whatsoever to sit down and work. But I’m already behind and getting more behind now would mean a higher daily word count to meet later. I would not be able to handle that. So I sat down with much resistance and wrote very slowly the first 1200 words. The last 1000 words came much faster as I got into the story, but I finally finished, breaking 19k. I’m about 500 words from 20k, and had it been earlier, I would have kept writing. But I’m feeling blah and need to get to bed soon and step away from the computer so I’ll hit 20k tomorrow.

It’s crazy how just 4 days ago on day 11, I was so excited about hitting the double digits. Now I’m just a tad away from 20k! So exciting! That means I’ve written close to ten thousand words in about 4 days!

Almost ten thousand words. In four days.

If I can do it, so can you. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Gotta make writing a daily habit. First 500 words. Then a thousand. Then two thousand. I’d like to make that four thousand eventually.

With this book, though, I honestly doubt I’ll hit 50k. I’m thinking it’ll be more like 30-40k, just looking at the scenes I have left and throwing in a few extra (I always end up doing that). Which means I’ll finish this book in another week or week and a half. Crazy, I tell you!

Okay, signing off. My eyes need to rest. Back tomorrow.

Today’s Data

Total Words: 2181

Total Time: 103 minutes

Average WPH: 1270

Total Word Count: 19,447