Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 14

10:57pm Today, I was able to meet my 2100 daily goal again. So I'm not complaining there! However, it wasn't as easy or quick as yesterday. I wrote from 04:18pm to 6:00pm after much deliberation and laziness. More on why in a second. In those 102 minutes, I was able to write 2229 words at an average rate of 1311 words an hour.

The first 1000 words were slow and hard. The second 1000 words came way faster and easier. I broke 17k today. So more progress.

Anyway, I've been going to sleep way too late (tonight will be the same). Last night, it was Paper Towns. Today, I started tinkering with the design of my website (I've been wanting to update it to the new email header design), and bam, an hour later, here I am with a super pretty new website, and it's 11pm and I haven't worked out or showered yet.

Ugh. I need to stop doing this. I haven't been tired after not sleeping as much as I should but tonight at about 8pm I was wiped out. I just wanted to go to bed. So I had dinner (again; not good) and then proceeded to play around on the website instead of getting my workout routine done.

So yeah. Now I'm super tired and wish I could go to bed, but instead I need to go workout. Tomorrow, gonna try to get that done first and then words. We'll see how it goes.

Today's Data

Total Words: 2,229

Total Time: 102 minutes

Total Word Count: 17,266

Average WPH: 1311