Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 13


An awesome day! Today I went back to the day job after being off for a week. I was not a happy camper this morning having to get up at 6:30am. Talk about UGH. I was in a tired kinda blah mood all morning until about 11am. Finally went home at 1ishpm. By no means did I finish all the work I was supposed to, but I made progress so I left the remaining work for tomorrow/rest of the week and called it a day. Ran a couple of quick errands and picked up the toddler. Was home at about 2pm.

Had a quick light lunch and relaxed with Paper Towns (newest read; LOVING IT. GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T). Said I would start writing work by 3pm. Then it was 3:30, and I was in bed reading and I wanted to take a quick cat nap (first day back to work like this sucks, not to mention it’s Monday lol). So I did. Meanwhile, I had to keep one eye open and keep jerking up to check on the toddler. First she settled in with me with an apple. Then it was a popsicle she was grabbing. Okay.

Then she wanted to bring an entire bag of chocolate chips into bed, and I had to bring my foot down (seriously??). As she was going to put them back (how she got them, I do not know…), she spilled the entire bag all over the living room carpet.

Of course…

So there I am, all groggy eyed picking up as many chocolate chips as fast as possible while the toddler was trying to sneak as many as she could into her little bucket. Sigh lol. Gotta love her. So I took that as a sign that I should simply get to work.

So I did. Checked Twitter for a couple of minutes but was up and running by 04:20pm. I had a little less than an hour before I had to get the toddler ready and leave for her tumbling class, so I thought surely I could manage 1000 words by then. At least get a head start.

Ended up doing 2103 words by 5:13pm. I was ecstatic! Average of 2381 words an hour! Best rate by far :) So I jotted down this data and scrambled to get to her class in time (spoiler alert: we did; read more Paper Towns there as a reward for meeting daily goal way fast and saw my little bundle of energy doing all kinds of stuff).

So got home after that. Gave toddler a bath. Published this week’s Monday Must-Reads and helped with dinner. Had dinner and put toddler to sleep. I had two things left to do. One more writing session, and more importantly, my daily workout.

Went for a ten or fifteen minute session. I was about 600 words away from the 15,000 mark. I didn’t think I could reach it in 15 minutes, so I just wrote anyway, not paying attention to the target thingy in Scrivener. Next thing I knew, I passed it! 15,037. 2758 words today. Not bad at all.

Now it’s 10:15pm so gonna publish this and get my workout/shower in. And of course, more reading. Here’s to another super productive day tomorrow! Toddler has her swimming class so I’m hoping that deadline pushes me tomorrow as well.

Today’s Data

Total Words: 2758

Total Time: 73 minutes

Total Word Count: 15,037 (only 6k behind)

Best WPH Rate: 2381 (other session: 1965, not bad either)