Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 10


Just got done writing 2181 words, meeting today’s 2025 word goal. At 7,616 words. Almost at those double digits! Yay for progress!

So I did manage to wake up a bit earlier today, about 9:30am. Paid some bills and worked on the household budget. Today’s Friday, so it’s my rest day for exercise so no workout or early shower. Told myself at first that my reward for writing today would be getting to go to the library and picking up Shades of Earth, book #3 in the Across the Universe trilogy.

Then I decided 1000 words would be my reward.

Then I was at the library :b

So got home just before 2 and finally sat down to write. Was feeling very lazy but decided to stick to it until I cranked out those 2025 words. Had some lunch. Got up to do this and that. But kept coming back until I was done.

At 6:10pm.

So four hours. Not all of that time was spent writing. Maybe half. Definitely got more into the WIP the latter part of the session. But I met today’s goal. Which is saying A LOT for a Friday.

Plan is to get one more session in tonight, but I might not have time (going out to relax and have some fun). Either way, though, have made lots of progress today.

Got home pretty late and crashed so no night session words :)

Today’s Data

Total Words: 2181

Total Time: About 2 hours in a 4 hour period

Total WIP Word Count: 7616 (15% done!)