Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 1


Got home really late from the day job today (past 2pm). It’s been kinda crazy, but I’m trying to get lots of stuff done because I have next week off, so I’d really prefer not taking much work home with me.   I had a light lunch and watched a bit of Downton Abbey (I’ve been so hooked on that show, but I was strong and turned it off!).

I’m planning on going to my nephew’s soccer game tonight, though, so I think I’ll be able to work until 5:30 and probably not any time after that. That means I have less than two hours to copyedit Unfailing Love and try to finish the simple synopsis.

I have to admit the simple synopsis is scary, which is how I usually feel during a first draft, especially the beginning and middle. I have no idea what most this book is about yet and it makes me freeze up and panic inside. But I have to get through this now so I can get the words all down later.

Gonna start a pomodoro and hopefully, I can get most of this cranked out.


It's been a long day. Just now going to shower and hit the hay. I'm not gonna love that tomorrow morning. But I did tons today. I did 3 pomodoros after I got home even though I started at 3:42 (got home late). I worked on the simple synopsis during this time, a total of 75 minutes or more since I worked a bit into the break time.

It's not a simple synopsis, though. It's at 2500 words and I'm mostly done, but from the Udemy course I took, it should be closer to a thousand finished. I'm hoping this is me figuring out the story and hopefully this makes the beats much faster and easier down the line.

I'm pretty confident I can finish the simple synopsis tomorrow afternoon and get a start on characters. Then later, beats and the first draft.

Then I went to my nephew's soccer game. Came home. Stressed about stuff I need to do and some family stuff. Then did my workout, put the toddler to bed, and had some dinner. I watched some Downton Abbey (sad!) and started another pomodoro pretty late. The buzzer sounded but I kept going and finished editing a total of six scenes out of 88 so a good start. I need to edit 6-7 daily in order to send the draft to my proofreader in time. I should be able to do this in about 40 minutes.

So today I spent a total of about 120 minutes on preproduction and editing. I'm actually gonna have to tone this down during the week or risk burning myself out.

Now off to get some rest. Back at it tomorrow.

One last thing: gonna track my goals (word count for Unforgettable Love and scenes edited for Unfailing Love) at MyWriteClub. It's a great tool. I'll share the link and screenshots tomorrow.

Today's Data

Total Words: 1650 

Total Edited Scenes: 6

Total Time: 100 minutes