Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Goals

4:48 pm

I’ve been taking Sean Platt’s Udemy course on Beats for Scrivener. I think it’s going to be extremely helpful to my writing process from now on. One of my goals as a writer is to cut down on time spent on big revisions as much as possible. Like filling in research, fixing timelines/plots/characters.

Having all of this stuff figured out beforehand will be essential for that, and I’m sure it will help me write faster too. I know I can write fast. I’m a fast typer, and when I hit my groove in the story, I can put out 2,500 words. I think if I spend more time on preproduction creating beats and spending time getting to know my characters, I know I can push that word count per hour higher.

Can you imagine meeting your Camp NaNo daily word count goal in under an hour? If I could spend an hour or two every day accomplishing hourly word counts of 2, 3, maybe 4 thousand words? And spending minimal time revising, just copyediting? I could put out books so much faster and finally start to make a living off of this writing thing. Because that’s what I want to do. My dream in life.

And I know for a fact that I’m going to get there. The key is getting there.

My eyes were opened to all of this, specifically the high daily word count goals, from a book I’ve been reading called Write Better, Faster by Monica Leonelle. Right now I’m reading the second part of her book, which is the diary she kept for a few months as she went from less than 2k words an hour to 3-4 thousand an hour. She kept a diary and recorded data daily of how often she wrote, how much, where, rates of words per hour, etc and it really helped her find out what worked for her. I want to do this for Camp NaNoWriMo at least, starting with this entry.

So here’s where I am right now. I need to copyedit Unfailing Love, book 3 in the Unbreakable Love series, before sending it to the proofreader in 2-3 weeks. I still need to figure out the cover since the designer of the first two books isn’t really in the design business at the moment. But I also don’t want to break the bank. I got really lucky with my first two covers in that I traded those for editing. I’m really happy, though, that I’m on schedule to publish this book in early summer anyway.

I also need to implement what I learned in Sean Platt’s beats course with my camp nano book, Unforgettable Love. I started doing this today, right before writing this entry. I’ve created the documents I need to fill in (one sentence, elevator pitch, simple synopsis, character sheets with pics). The elevator pitch is there, but I may need to tweak it after I’m done with preproduction (beats/outline). I’m going to expand that into the simple synopsis and then start working on characters before starting the actual beats for this book.

Since I’m just starting today and camp starts tomorrow, it means I’m going to start off camp nano behind, but I’m confident that spending time on preproduction on the front end is going to allow me to write the first draft much, much faster, and then cut out a lot of revision time later.

I’ve set the challenge for myself for 50k, and part of me thinks that’s too much, with having to spend a few days, maybe a week, on preproduction, but even if I don’t meet that word count, I’ll be happy with whatever progress I make. Realistically, if life gets in the way, I’ll be extremely happy with 30k. But still aiming for that 50k. I know I can do it, if I put in the work (and if my writing buddy Kendra keeps me on my toes!).

So throughout April, expect a daily post like this from me. It may be short. It may be long, but hopefully, you’ll follow along with me in this journey of trying to increase my productivity to more than ever. I’m ready to make a living off of my writing. How about you? Please tell me how you’re doing with your writing. What are your goals? I wanna know :)

April Goals

1. Complete Unfailing Love Copyedit and send to proofreader

2. Figure out Unfailing Love cover.

3. Complete preproduction of Unforgettable Love.

4. Write 50,000 words for Unforgettable Love (very minimum: 30,000).

5. Record data/write diary entries of this entire process on a daily basis so that I can learn what works for me as a writer.

My plan is to get most of my writing done when I get home from the day job, after I have lunch and take a few minutes off to mentally take a break but before any evening activities (toddler’s tumbling/swimming/church classes). I’m also working out daily, but the workouts are short, and I’ve been managing to do those and work on my writing very consistently for about a month now. Now I want to up the ante and get this next first draft quick.

Just set up my Excel worksheet, where I’ll be recording all of my data. I’ve never been a big data or numbers person, but I really want to keep track of everything this month at least.

Gonna go work on preproduction again now.


Have to take toddler to her swimming class in a bit. Went to grab a snack and now back to add a bit to this then leave. Not sure if I’ll have time when I get back to continue but hopefully I’ll have at least a few more minutes to work on the simple synopsis.

I decided I should be specific with what time I want to accomplish my daily writing. I get out of my day job at different times every day but I think 2:30-5:30 should work just about every day, specifically Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Thursdays (depending if I go to my nephew’s soccer games). Tuesdays and Fridays, I should be able to do 2:30-6:30 but Friday I might wrap it up early depending. I usually take Fridays off, but this month, I definitely intend to write every single day.

Two and a half hours daily should help me make significant progress for camp nano. If I can do 1500 words an hour (which is actually regular pace/kinda slow for me), that means I can do 3 or 3.5k each day. That would be amazing. But before I can start making that kind of progress on the first draft of Unforgettable Love, I need to finish preproduction pronto. Hoping to finish this part by Friday afternoon.


Almost went to bed without publishing this :) Kinda wanted to fit in at least one pomodoro before bed and make a little more progress with the simple synopsis but just had a lot to do (like my workout) and am really tired. Back at it tomorrow. 2:30-5:30pm. I’ll also start on the Unfailing Love copyedit.

Today’s Data

Total Words: 443 for simple synopsis (not including diary and finding pics for characters/working a bit on characters)

Total Time Spent: 100 minutes (again, including the above things also; going to count writing and preproduction only from now on)