Almost there...

Hello fellow writers,

I don't have much time to post today. As you can see, I was able to stay on track over the holidays. I'm pretty surprised considering I went shopping on Black Friday (not easy when you're seven months pregnant!) and spend lots of time with family. However, I made time every day to write, mostly in small chunks. I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up. Now I'm less than 5K away from winning my first Nanowrimo. Can't wait! Going to spend today writing (hopefully I can get in a couple thousand words), and catching up on assignments (dreading this part of my day!). I can't wait until the winter holidays begin in about a week so I can spend more time writing, not to mention preparing for Baby's arrival in January! Good luck to everyone who is also on the brink of 50K and congratulations to those who have already won! 

Keep writing :)