2018 in Review (I Tripled My Revenue!)

2018 in review image.jpg

Some Thoughts on the Progress I Made in 2018 + Lessons Learned (watch the video for more!)

  • this was my best year yet

  • I tripled the money I made compared to last year! In 2017, I made about $5614. In 2018, I made right around $20,000! Whoa! (Not counting freelance editing)

  • 2018 was not perfect by any means but I made so much progress and I’m closer than ever to where I want to be (feels so close!)

  • I didn’t burn out; I focused on self-care not always all the time but more than ever; started working out again; grateful I was able to take time off for personal stuff (including 5-6 weeks around November)

  • read 63 books 

  • mindset and self-care best yet; still lots of room to improve but I know what i need to be doing and how important it is (miracle morning at 6am, working out, evenings off, not working all the time, focusing on writing to market, and 80/20 things that grow my business without sacrificing all my time and/or my health); importance of sleep: have come a long way there (almost have the opposite problem; too much sleep lol); still struggle with evenings and getting a second wind sometimes

  • finally began publishing every 3 months and found out I can actually publish every 2 months with consistency (not really more effort)

  • made time for self-care and rest (tv, reading) but struggled to take 1 day a month off; need to be better about that. maybe if I’m better about evenings, this might help stave off burnout and stress a lot

  • went back to dropping off toddler with a sitter (HUGE help); gonna keep doing that

  • children’s book still didn’t happen...

  • successfully gave up night owl ways, scrolling social media too much (when bored), mindless tv (watching the same shows), busy/meaningless work (80/20 things instead)

  • gave up family walks in the winter again lol oops

  • still using my planner (made a huge difference in helping me focus and make progress); tweaks made

  • wish I had checked in every quarter more consistently (with myself and on my channel)

  • learned that I can do anything; it’s just a matter of believing in myself, leveling up my mindset around whatever it is, and being consistent

  • how I want to pivot for next year: be more consistent, get ahead in my publishing schedule, keep leveling up mindset and self-care