2016 Goals: What's Next?

There are SO MANY things I want to accomplish this year ? My number one goal is to start writing full-time. That doesn’t mean that I’m already making enough money off of my books and editing business, but I’m on my way. My plan is to give up my day job starting this summer and take the plunge into writing and editing full-time.

I work part-time (with close to full-time hours), so luckily it’s just a part-time income I’ll be working to replace at first. We’re also going to work on cutting expenses as a family, including childcare, going back to couponing, and eating out less, but these are things I’m glad to do anyway.

Once I can write full-time, I think it’ll be much easier to replace my day job income and more because, right now, what’s holding me back the most is the lack of energy and time after I get home from my day job.

Below, I outline everything else I’d like to do this year. It’s been two years since I started taking this writing thing seriously and self-published my first book. This year, I’d like to accelerate my growth as an author and get closer than ever to making a living on my writing. I’d like to aim for $1000/a month consistently, and after that, the sky is the limit!

(By the way, the first step I’ve taken to accelerating my growth as an author is joining Monica Leonelle’s VIP Igniters group. I can already tell that being part of a group that will hold me accountable and push me forward is going to be crucial for reaching my goals this year!)


  • exercise 3 times a week minimum

  • keep up portion control and continue eating healthy

  • Drink lots of water and avoid juices and soda as much as possible


  • finish writing/revising YA book from NaNoWriMo 2015

  • write two new books

  • publish two books

  • publish Changing Hearts series boxed set


  • promote permafree book every 3-6 months and buy ads

  • put other books in series on sale every 3-6 months (price pulsing) and buy ads

  • keep in touch with readers primarily via email list once a month and 1-2 social media sites (looking into Instagram and Snapchat as #1 choices)

  • keep up reader giveaways, ARCs, sales for email list, etc with new releases

  • keep growing email list with permafree book and front/back matter

  • work on accumulating more honest reviews using email list

  • add 2 new products to my inventory and grow sales to consistent $500 sales a month

  • promote series boxed set (add to autoresponders, buy ads, email readers list, etc)


  • read 26 books again, more if possible

  • go back to reading daily (been in a rut) and make it a priority

Editing Business

  • set up autoresponders for writers list

  • sale/giveaways every 3-6 months

  • grow editing business for additional income starting this summer when I give up the day job

  • aim for consistent $500 a month in editing income (my website and Upwork)

Daily Habits/Weekly Goals/Quarterly Progress Checks

  • schedule downtime every so often plus holidays

  • keep up quarterly progress checks (complete on time)

  • record daily and weekly goals/progress (on calendar then record in evernote)

  • weekly goal:

    • if I’m crazy busy: 1000 words a week

    • if I’m busy but it’s manageable: 2500 words a week

    • if I’m off from day job/on fire: 5000 words a week

  • schedule blocks of writing and marketing time each week, including time to catch up; create non-negotiable weekly schedule

What are your 2016 goals? Share in the comments!