2012 in Review + 2013 Writing Goals

2013 is here! Boy, how time flies. It's time to create goals for the new year, and more importantly, review how we did last year.

My 2012 Writing Goals (And How I Did)

  1. Write and sell one short story. Done. Submitted to and accepted at wordhaus! Very proud of myself. The first issue comes out tomorrow (Jan. 2, 2013) if you want to check it out. It's a quick read. I definitely want to keep writing and submitting short stories in 2013 and self-publish them after.

  2. Begin the first draft of my second novel. Done. Still a work in progress. I have 27K written. I technically met this goal, but I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I really could have finished this draft if I had written four or five days a week like I was supposed to.

  3. Begin the first revision of my first novel. Kinda Done. Again, technically. I printed the manuscript out, and that was it. I could have done more with this if I had finished writing my second novel.

  4. Read as much as I can about writing and for pleasure. Done. According to Goodreads, I read 20 books this year. I definitely began reading more towards the end of the year. I'd missed getting into a good story! These days, I'm always reading at least one nonfiction and one fiction book at a time. Not to mention the writing blogs I always read on a daily basis.

Overall, I think I did pretty good. I'm very proud of myself no matter what because I did so much more than in 2011, when I wrote the first draft of my first novel.

In 2012, I launched this self-hosted website and really took writing seriously more than ever before. I also started my own copyediting and proofreading business (going strong!).

This year, I finally realized that the self-publishing thing is a real possibility for me, especially as I see my awesome writer friends self-publishing all around me (shout-out to James Parsons, Carey Lowe, Ryan Casey, and Rebecca Berto!). The enthusiasm of being a published author is contagious.

Take the plunge if you haven't already. Seriously.

Now it's time to reveal my 2013 Writing Goals! I've broken them down further into monthly, weekly, and daily goals to help me focus on meeting these on a day-to-day level. I have also given yearly goals a timespan during which I will work on those.

2013 Writing Goals

Yearly Goals

  1. Revise first novel. January through May.

  2. Publish first novel. June/July.

  3. Finish writing second novel. January through May.

  4. Write third novel. June through December.

  5. Revise second novel. June through November.

  6. Write and submit two short stories. One acceptance. One by June. One by December.

  7. Publish second novel. December.

  8. Read 24 books. Two books a month. I joined the Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge to help me keep track of this goal.

  9. Grow reader fan base through blogging and a newsletter (coming very soon!). Every week and every month.

Monthly Goals

  1. Send out newsletter once a month.

  2. Read two books.

Weekly Goals

  1. Write four times a week, 500 words each. 2000 words.

  2. Or edit four times a week, thirty minutes each. 2 hours.

  3. Blog one time a week (on Wednesdays).

I really feel like these goals are doable, especially when I see them broken down into manageable chunks. Last year's goals were definitely smaller in number and more vague.

This year, I really, really want to get at least one book out so I will be sitting butt in chair at least four times a week to write. You guys are going to hold me accountable to that, right?

What are your goals for 2013? I'd love to hear them in the comments!