I'm all about creating a life full of health and happiness while building a successful online business. 


If you're here because:

+ you're constantly burning out from trying to make it as an indie author in this world of writing 10,000 words an hour & releasing a book a month

+ you have absolutely no idea how to make time for writing your book, sending out a newsletter, and figuring out what to post on social media (on top of your day job & being a parent/spouse/pet owner!)

+ you want to level up your productivity and write (and publish!) faster, but you're not sure how

+ you feel unenergized and tired all the time and wish you made your health a priority

+ you're stressed out all the time because there's too much too juggle in your author business & life

...then you're in the right place!

WriterMom is for ANY writer who wants a lifestyle centered around feeling great all the time (inside & out) plus the freedom and success from a thriving author business. 

Why I'm Here


Hey, I'm Yesenia. I'm a writer, and yeah, you guessed it—I'm a mom :)

I'm here because I'm on the same journey as you.

I want it all, and I won't settle for less.

  • I want to make tons of money from my fiction
  • I want to be my own boss forever
  • I want my time to be my own, and if I want to take a random day off to just spend it with my kids, so be it
  • I never want money or a day job I hate to be a source of constant stress
  • I want to spend my days doing only what makes me happy: writing & running my own business
  • I want the freedom to make my mindset, health, and family top priorities

This is what WriterMom is all about: crafting your idea life and enjoying every single moment on the way there.

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    The Writer & Mom behind WriterMom


    A little bit more about me:

    I'm married to a guy I can't complain too much about (haha, just kidding), and we have two adorable little girls together.

    In another lifetime, I was actually a middle school teacher, but then I decided to pursue my biggest passion (bigger, even, than teaching) and become a writer.

    You see, I've always loved reading stories (any other Harry Potter nerds out there?), but now I'm writing my own.

    These days, I run my own indie publishing business writing and publishing young adult fiction. You can check out my books here.

    WriterMom is where I share what I'm learning as a writer and my journey to success, including:

    • productivity, mindset, & health
    • working from home (and how I stay sane!)
    • financial freedom
    • running an indie publishing business
    • what I'm doing to become a six-figure author

    I hope you'll join me!

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    Speaking & Consulting


    I'm all about facilitating learning for others and sharing the knowledge and tools they need to reach the next point on their journey.

    That's why I was a teacher for three years and one reason I started WriterMom.

    There's so much I wish someone had told me in the beginning. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. 

    Now I'm in a place where I can help other authors who are just getting started. 

    Writers who are still struggling with how to finish their first book. Writers who have no idea how to get their book out into the world.

    Authors who are parents, spouses, and full-time employees and can't remember the last time they got enough sleep or a few minutes to themselves.  

    Who know there must be some way to build their author business without missing out on life or working themselves to death. 

    From Someone Who Walks the Walk

    I've been there. And I got through it (still am). 

    If you're looking for someone to help you navigate this path called indie publishing, whether it's how to hit publish or how to survive, I'm your gal.

    I've been in the indie publishing business since New Year's Eve, 2013. I've hit the publish on thirteen books across two series.

    During that time, I also graduated college with honors, student taught fourth grade, raised my then one-year-old, started a freelance editing business, and taught middle schoolers for three years. 


    So I know a thing or two about running an author business without going crazy and without sacrificing the important things in life. 

    These days, too many writers focus on work, work, work at the cost of everything. Time with their family. Enough sleep. Their health.

    That's not me. 

    I believe every single writer can grow a successful author business while creating a happy and healthy life. This is the message I share through WriterMom and that I can bring to your event. Or if you need someone to show you ropes and get your foot in the door, I’d be happy to help.


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