Hey, I'm Writer Mom! Yep. I'm a writer, and you guessed it—I'm a mom :)

I'm married to a guy I can't complain too much about (haha, just kidding), and I have two adorable little girls.

In another lifetime, I was actually a middle school teacher, but then I decided to pursue my biggest passion (bigger, even, than teaching) and become a writer. You see, I've always loved reading stories (any other Harry Potter nerds out there?), but now I'm writing my own.

These days, I run my own indie publishing business writing and publishing young adult fiction. You can check out my books here.

Writer Mom is where I share what I'm learning as a writer and my journey to success, including:

  • productivity & mindset
  • working from home
  • financial freedom
  • mental & physical well-being
  • running an indie publishing business
  • what I'm doing to become a six-figure author

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